Future projects

I keep losing track of what I’m writing and what I want to finish, so I thought I could create a page to remind myself and anyone who might be curious. The titles are provisional placeholders. The photos are free stock photos that might not be directly related to each project (but they help me visualize the story better).
Anything is subject to change.

Edit: Updating this page just to let you know that you can also check out commissioned art for these WIPs, as well as my new aesthetics posts.

Light reflecting on wavy water.


A Low Fantasy short story

A short story that has some Fantasy elements and is set in Spain. It’s contemporary and animals are important.

I’m already researching Spanish myths and legends for this one.

A wolf.


A High Fantasy short story

This one is short and has very few characters. Animals, magic and loneliness are important.

I’m working on the outline, but let’s be honest, I’m not a plotter. If only inspiration would take me here…

Madrid's Plaza Mayor.


A Historical Romance

This one will also be set in Spain some centuries ago. If all goes well, it might even have more than one book, each featuring a different couple.

I’m already working on the research phase of this project, but I still don’t know how long it will take.

A blurry image of a globe surrounded by old books and maps.


A Low Fantasy Historical Romance

This one will be set centuries ago in the Spanish city of Alcalá de Henares and will have some Fantasy elements.

It will also take a while since I need to do a lot of research for the historical part of the story.

Volcano erupting against a starry sky.


A High Fantasy Romance

This is my longest and most ambitious project, and the first one I started plotting. It’s been years in the making, so it’s had lots of changes, and it will probably have many more before I’m done with it.

It’s going to take a while because it’s a looong story with slow-burn and pining.

A stone archway opening to a cemetery.


A High Fantasy Romance

This one has magic in it. And a school. Simple, right? I just wanted to write a fun enemies-to-lovers that didn’t require so much research, thinking I could finish it soon.

I started working on the draft when I made the pact, hoping it would be easier to finish, but the inspiration moved elsewhere after a few chapters. In the end, I stopped fighting and decided to follow wherever it goes.

A black cat with yellow eyes against a dark background.


A Superhero short story

This one was supposed to be a short, fun story with Spanish superheroes, but I’m still not sure if I’m the right person to write it.

I’m so unsure about this one, I wasn’t even going to add it to this list, but then I remembered this is mainly for myself, so no one will mind if I never finish it.

A spiral of sparkling light in the middle of a dark forest.


A High Fantasy short story

At once different and similar to the other stories. This one is full of vibes, aesthetics and subversion of tropes I’ve used for the other stories. That’s probably why it makes me giggle when I think about it, as if I was a naughty child getting into mischief.

This is where inspiration took me when I got stuck writing the draft and outline for another project, so I’m just starting, but I wanted to include it because it makes me happy.

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