May 2022 Update

It’s been two months since my last update because April and May haven’t been very eventful, but I do have some news to tell you now. Nothing too exciting, but still worth an update.

So, April started well. I updated all my backups and really wanted to start writing… but then my laptop wouldn’t start. Good timing with the backups, right? Bad timing for everything else, since the warranty had just expired.

Anyway, after days of trial and error, I discovered the problem: the connection where I can charge the battery doesn’t work sometimes. Now I double-check every time, fearing the day in which it won’t work any more.

As you can imagine, I was exhausted after all of this, so I decided to rest, have some fun, and celebrate World Book Day with not one, but TWO giveaways. I also bought some books, commissioned an illustration for my Feathers project, and, when that one Twitter storm approached, created a Mastodon account.

Feel free to check it out! And let me know if you follow me so I can follow you back.

Anyway, May started and things were looking up, but then I got sick. And it was too hot. Having a fever in these record-breaking temperatures was terrible, so I couldn’t write or read at all.

Once I got better, I decided to update the first reference file I’d created. I fixed lots of mistakes, but also realized there was a LOT to update. It was encouraging to see how much my project has changed in half a year: new characters, more world-building… it took me quite a while to get everything right.

I also updated this blog with a new notebook entry! It was quite nice to be able to tell you about it at last. I’ve finished another notebook already, but I haven’t transcribed anything yet, so it might take some months because I’m already planning something else for June!

About my goals… I’m surprised to tell you that I did fulfil my April goals. And, well, I didn’t post about my new ones for May, but I managed to write and read a bit despite focusing on my health, so I’ll take that as a win.

My goals for June are ambitious, though: I want to read more and to make a thread for Pride on my Spanish account. It might be wishful thinking, but I really want to share some amazing books, so I hope my health allows it.

An open book lies on top of a bed of rose petals. A single white rose is on top of the pages.
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