January 2022 Update

Happy New Year!

You might have noticed I haven’t posted any updates in a while. In fact, my last monthly update was back in November. These past months haven’t been very eventful writing-wise because I’ve been sick and/or terribly busy, but at least I enjoyed the holidays and my health has improved a bit.

I suspected that my goals were too ambitious, and they were indeed. But I had written a lot during the winter holidays the previous year, so I was trying to be optimistic. But now I realize I actually had three goals instead of two: to finish transcribing a notebook, to finish writing another one, and to post my book recs. I managed to do two out of three in as many months, and it took a lot of effort, so I guess I should be happy.

I AM glad I finished transcribing the notebook. It took ages! I mean, I started last year, so there’s that. And I’m proud of my list of favourite books I read in 2021. But that’s not all I’ve done during these two months! I’ve created a personal Discord server to keep track of my WIPs, research and writing progress. Someone recommended that on Twitter, and I decided to give it a try. Although I already use Scrivener, OneNote and my notebooks, I’ve found it very useful. It’s very easy to add links, images and threads, then scroll through them and add reactions, so you might appreciate it if you’re a visual person.

I also organized a couple of giveaways on my Spanish account, worked on a short story for an anthology but didn’t make it before the deadline, got a new illustration for a project, read a couple of books, received new ones from the Reyes Magos…

So I’ve managed to get some stuff done, but I still need to finish the new notebook, which was another of my goals back in November. I’ve just reached the middle, so maybe it could become one of my two goals for this month. The other one will be to update my blog more. At least, I would like to post about the illustration soon and about my word count before the next update.

We’ll see how things turn out next month, I guess!

A group of paper lanterns that look like balloons floating in the dark. They have different colours and patterns.
Photo by Expect Best on Pexels.com

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