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I usually share the posts I make here on Twitter, but this time I’m doing it the other way round. Just in case you might be interested in what I’m doing over there at the moment.

But first, some background. You all already know how important the Whyborne & Griffin series is to me, right? I mean, I’ve certainly mentioned it before (here and here, for instance). Well, the final book of the series was released a couple of days ago and, when I was about to start reading, I realized I wasn’t ready for the series to end.

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So I did the only thing I could do: I started re-reading the whole series. And because I had to do something with all those overflowing feelings, I decided to livetweet as I go.

It’s the first time I do something like this, because I’m always afraid nobody is going to be interested in what I think and people will find me annoying. But I’m trying to care less about what others think about me. I guess the important thing is to have fun and enjoy it myself, and that’s what I’ve been doing so far. However, I’m but a beginner, so feel free to tell me if there’s anything I could have done better.

If you want to check the thread out (I made a thread so it’s easier to mute for those who feel spammed), it starts here:

4 thoughts on “Twitter – Livetweeting

    1. Thank you, dear friend.
      Unfortunately, the livetweeting had to be paused because I got too busy at work, then my depression got worse. I did finish reading, just not sharing it online, because it was too difficult for me U_U
      I’m sad about not finishing, but I’m glad I took care of my mental health.

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      1. Mental health definitely comes first!! I’m very glad you prioritized it! Hope you’re doing better right now, despite everything going on.

        If you’re still sad about it, you can always make like a conclusion to your tweets? A review/final opinion on the finished work?

        Also, was the story good?

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      2. That’s a good idea, although I can’t do it at the moment. Quarantine brain fog is making everything hard these days.
        I’m having trouble reading once more, but I can somehow write some days. I won’t complain, of course.


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