July 2019 Update

My goals for July were to finish transcribing another notebook and, being up to date, to decide what to write first. But I’m pretty bad at decision-making, so I made a list and divided the stories I wanted to write into four groups. Group 1 had all the long stories, so that was out of the question. Group 2 had medium-sized stories with several ideas. Group 3 had short stories that needed more development, and Group 4 was formed by mere ideas. I wanted to choose one particular story from Group 2, but I knew I’d need a lot of time to do research (not as much as Group 1, but still), and I think I’m not ready for that yet. Maybe the problems I had with my PhD still affect me.

Somehow, world-building doesn’t feel so insurmountable at the moment, so I’ve chosen two fantasy stories that will just need some preliminary research. I didn’t want to choose one so soon, so my goal will be to write the two outlines during the month of August, and then decide if I want to write one of the stories, both or none.

I’ll keep you updated!

By the way, July has been a good month in general. I feel more positive nowadays, and I have more good weeks than bad ones per month. I even felt curious about my own notebook and I had fun transcribing it. That’s great news for me!

I also participated in my first Pride Parade ever! It was a lot of work, but I had fun and shared candies and rainbows with lots of people. Unfortunately, I’m very busy at work at the moment, but I’m taking care of myself. It’s always good to have friends that remind you to take a break now and then. My month could have ended badly if it weren’t for them.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

3 thoughts on “July 2019 Update

  1. I’m so happy to hear you’re doing better!

    I picked up an old notebook of mine the other day and it’s so fascinating how much one develop so quickly. Also to see all of my old ideas, thoughts and general notes was really fun for me. I had written down fic aus I had long forgotten about lol. Notebooks are so good, so full of old memories. I’m glad you continue to transcribe them 🙂

    And pride parade is definitely a lot of work and can be really stressful, but I like to think it’s worth it. Or at least it can be. Still hope you can come join me for CPH pride sometime in the future! There’s just something about being surrounded with so much love and acceptance of who you are, whether in the parade or on the sideline.

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    1. Thank you! As you can imagine, I’m relatively happy, too. Stressed, but glad that it’s not as bad as before. Sometimes you only realize how bad it was once you start feeling better, right?

      I don’t know if my writing has developed, but I think I’m a bit more confident when it comes to my ideas. Or maybe I’m just tired of trying to please everyone.

      Anyway, I definitely want to meet you in CPH one day. And we will visit the Tivoli gardens together, right? I just don’t know when I’ll be able to do it. Hope it’s soon!


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