October Update

I’ve been here for three months and in that time I’ve received many follows, likes, comments, and a lot of encouragement from all of you. Thank you so much!

In this time, I’ve transcribed some of my notebooks, updated an old fanfic, read a lot about writing, and decided to write a short story.

Of course, in these three months I’ve also created this blog and my new account on Twitter. I even got a new mobile phone with a better camera that will hopefully allow me to take better photos for this blog (you’ve seen some of the old ones, like the photo in this post). I’m now trying to find some books that will allow me to do some research before I write the short story.

For this short story, I had some ideas:

  • Summer crush that turns into love. Takes place in Northern Spain, one of them is a foreigner and there’s a dog involved.
  • Rich boy with an old building meets student that not-so-secretly wants to turn it into a museum. There might be ghosts in the building, though.
  • A young superhero from Spain has a crush on another European superhero and tries to get an Erasmus scholarship so he can meet his hero.
  • This super popular guy finds himself without home, family or friends just before the holidays, but there’s a serious guy in the office who never talks to anyone but offers his help.

So, which one do you prefer?

And since November is approaching, should I try to do something like NaNoWriMo? If it’s too stressful, I may have to pass this year.

Have you tried it before? Did it work for you?

Logo of NaNoWriMo
Logo of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)

6 thoughts on “October Update

  1. I vote for the rich boy, the museum and the ghosts. Because ghosts! I *am* doing Nanowrimo this year because I need to stop thinking and just WRITE. But I never worry about the word counts. For me things like NaNo are a way to *start*. If the story comes alive I stop counting and just concentrate on letting the story come naturally. Fast or slow, either is fine so long as I’m writing! 😊

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    1. So you have like a deadline to start writing but not one to finish the story? That doesn’t sound bad at all!
      I’ll start doing my research for the museum story, then. My plan is to go back to the park tomorrow and write a bit more, but it’s getting colder…


  2. I’m so proud of you and your progress! I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to follow along that progress and cheer you on both when you don’t need it and especially when you do.

    To answer the question, I do love the “Summer crush that turns into love” due to 1) dog 2) I would love the Spanish vibe, to see your love for your country shine through in any way. 3) summer crushes might be a cliché – but then it’s a cliché for a reason. ;D
    However, the “Rich boy” one I think I would have to go with, too. Old buildings, museums, ghosts.. no need to say more! 😀 Love it already :p
    You could even combine the two if you wanted to, though. Like: rich, Spanish boy with an old building in Northern Spain, meets foreign student one summer. Foreign student wants to turn it into into a museum. Spirits haunts it. And then, of course, most importantly, there’s a dog (rich guy’s dog? spirit dog? stray they find together?? many, many options)

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