Third Notebook



Another notebook that’s now part of the digital world! This one I bought after my trip to Switzerland, where I’d visited an art exhibition and seen Monet’s Water Lilies. As you can see, the cover of the notebook mixes one of Monet’s manuscripts with a background based on the Water Lilies, while the magnetic clasp displays Monet’s signature.

The small notebooks by paperblanks are my favourite because they’re beautiful, solid, and the most durable I’ve found so far. They’re not heavy, either. I prefer the ones from the Embellished Manuscripts collection, like this one. Not only because I love seeing manuscripts of artists I like, but also because the magnetic clasp is very useful, saving the pages from (very) possible encounters with spilled liquids and sharp objects found inside a bag.

Anyway, there were lots of ideas for different stories in this one, including a few ones set in the city where I was born: Madrid. I think I have mentioned them in my previous post.

The fantasy story I was rewriting also appears in several pages, and it looks like I changed the names of the main characters along the way. I didn’t even remember they had placeholder names before!

I also wrote down some weird dreams I’d had and more tips for amateur writers I found around the internet. Maybe I could share some links in the future if anyone is interested.

By the way, this is the last notebook I filled in 2015. I wonder what I’ll find in my next notebook…

2 thoughts on “Third Notebook

  1. I imgine this notebook as a scattered girl who wears nice dresses all the time, petticoat style that have all the nice colours in the world and of course the dress I’m imgining her in right now is with that waterlilie cover
    She has a lightbrown skin, dark brown near black hair, beautiful brown eyes

    She’s always excited for a new beginning, not scared of new ideas, ready to test them even
    She likes to travel, and long stargazes,
    She’s creative in a way where she doesn’t write the stories she comes up with no, she lights up the world of others with them while telling them to children and adults alike while she travels to yet another place. Like a mystic little being there to give someone a new view with one of her stories and weird enough she seems to know exactly what the person in front of her needs.
    Like the stories are a part of her, beginning in her brain and finding the light of day through her pink lips. They exist not on paper but fill the air around her for anyone that is ready to listen

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